What we used to be.
What we used to be.

                        South FL. Deals

started as a used car dealer.

Specializing in selling cars under $10,000. I began with a concept of an affordable car at and affordable monthly payment. Realizing that this product already existed in many different forms in a crowded, competitive market place and finding it very hard to differentiate us (All One Motors) from all the crooks, liars, con artist and down right dirty car salesman,

I decided to shift my focus.

Focusing only on brokering and wholesaling cars, I developed a great business. This led me to meeting a lot of business owners. Some of these business owners had excess inventory, obsolete machinery, overages in productions, excess inventory and closeouts just sitting in there warehouses.Who we are now

It was then that I realized I could develop this marketplace. A true business to business marketplace on the web. A place where buyers and sellers could meet for their great South Florida Deal. The place that is not advertised anywhere. Where sellers look to clear out space in their warehouse’s. They offer the best buys on everything from Heavy Equipment, Machinery, Inventory, General Merchandise and much more!


If you want to BUY or LIST something for sale, contact us Here.

Introduction of South FL. Deals
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