South Florida Deals, help companies move slow turning, obsolete and unwanted inventory by connecting you with a huge market of buyers. Inventory can take up expensive warehouse space and storage and eat your profits on a daily basis. We provide you with buyers that are ready to buy now and sight on seen. We provide the connection and you work out the deal directly with the buyer.

Does Selling to South FL Deals Help Your Bottom Line?

Storage and warehouse costs can have a horrific impact on any company’s bottom-line. Slow moving and unwanted inventory can bleed profits on a daily basis. Ask me how, I know cause I have operated a car dealership and wholesale business before. We connect you with buyers that will buy your sitting merchandise right away and free up your space. When analyzing the selling price of your merchandise, definitely consider your “hidden” product costs…CASH FLOW, obsolescence, storage and warehousing! The longer your wait to sell the more it is going to cost you!


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